fake the facts:

trost apr. 2014

1 socks full of sawdust
2 polyphony of a metropolis
3 crazy mixed up pup
4 dance your cares away
5 the great fire of london
6 do electric moths dream of light bulbs?

mats gustafsson: saxophone, shaker, saxophone-generated ambient noise / dieb13: turntables, klopfer / martin siewert: guitar, ring stingers, electronics

mixing at g7 by martin siewert and dieter kovacic
mastering by martin siewert
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upcoming events:

may25, wien/Austria:
aNOther festival 24 - Eberhard/Gr...
may30, bad erlach/Austria:
Die ander Hälfte des Himmels m. ...
june01, vienna/Austria:
moozak multichannel series #04