rdeča raketa:
wir werden

god rec jan. 2013

A: Wir werden (19:10)
B: andere Menschen (21:03)

Wir werden (We will) (godrec11) is the second release of the viennese duo Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander). Following Old Girl, Old Boy, a 40-minute electroacoustic improvisation recorded live in one piece and released as a tape by Mosz Records in 2010, Wir werden consists of two carefully composed pieces each spanning one side of the vinyl album, organically blending various electronic sound sources and field recordings with acoustic instruments like paetzold recorder, double bass and piano.
Opened and closed by spoken word lyrics, Wir werden deals with the past repeating, movements and their absence in front of systems appearing to be crumbling, relationships between people and their inner fears.

Format: Vinyl (includes download code)
Release Date: January 2013
Label: God Records godrec.com
Catalog #: god11

Music by Rdeča Raketa
Lyrics by Maja Osojnik

Rdeča Raketa:
Maja Osojnik
Matija Schellander

Modular Synthesizer, Double Bass, E-Bass, Paetzold Recorder,
Electronic Devices, Field Recordings, Piano, Voice

Speaker on A:
Anat Stainberg

Speakers on B:
Lisa Kortschak
Max Gaier

Recorded and mixed by Rdeča Raketa
Mastered by Rashad Becker for D&M
Design by 3007wien
"untitled" collage by Dominique Vaccaro
supported by SKE
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