Margaret Unknown:
Rooms C30

Wire Globe Recordings jan. 1990

Rooms A
Rooms B

before this recording there was another;
it has been forgotten.

in the process of restructuring, elaboration and finding differences
an idea started to form and a form took shape.

space began to emerge;
an artificial environment
was created.

Field recordings of birds, either found footage or recorded around the area of the studio were used as raw material which was then modulated through the resonant frequencies of the Room in which the final recording took place. The tonal cluster as a specific form underlines the individual characteristics of that certain Room, pulling it into the center of attention during the improvisation.
Personalities of both, the Room and the performer, are interacting, speaking in a symbiotic dance.
released 01 October 2012
recorded at Atlier Libušín in Czech Republic

special thanks to Dmitri Berzon and Frances Sander

mastering at Garnison7 by Philip Leitner

cover art was produced in collaboration with Thesa Eipeldauer and Sebastian Koch

all tracks by Margaret Unknown © 2012
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