memories of björn bolssen

valeot records apr. 2008

01 8.83
02 reaset
03 garlic 07
04 rnd2
05 movahedi
06 short remainder
07 a scale of gaps
08 nothing's gonna happen
09 fin

Peter Holy: Piano, Singing on "nothing's gonna happen"
Alexandr Vatagin: Bass, Cello
Lukas Scholler: Electronics
Paul Movahedi: Drums, Guitar on "garlic 07"


Björn Bolssen, Bernhard Bauch: Ambience on "8.83"
Jakob Rihs: Clarinet on "garlic 07"
Arnold Haberl: Cello on "garlic 07"
David Schweighart: Guitar on "rnd2", Drums on "reaset"

Mixed by Peter Holy, Bernhard Bauch and David Schweighart.
Mastered by Martin Siewert.
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