wed. june 26 2024
breitenseer lichtspiele

LANparty - Safe Harbour
#Concert & Screening

19h00 - "UKI: Scifi Viral Alt-Reality Cinema" by Shu Lea Cheang

20h30 - "rauschen: network performance"
A network performance in constellations found during a one-day meetup @SMK
Hybrid with participants joining from Vienna/Paris/Mexico City

We invite you to a 2-day hybrid meetup around network performance, live-coding, radio, sci-fi reality cinema and get together. The hybrid invites participants from different latitudes to join remotely, in communication with the local gathering in Vienna.

The online format involves a first open session on 25.06 with contributions, workshops and setup for network performance, followed on 26.06 with a streamed/screening of the latest film from Shu Lea Cheang and hybrid network performance.

Kindly supported by BMKÖS and MA7

link: Breitenseer Lichtspiele
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