thu. june 15 2023

fmf: Quartet Dörner/Delius/Borghini/Grip
free music forum concert series:

ca. 20.15h
Axel Dörner - trumpet
Tobias Delius - sax, clarinet
Antonio Borghini - double bass
Joel Grip - double bass

Searching for yellow, giants and fleas, worse case scenarios and ambivalent squares. These four musicians have been playing together in many combinations since, let’s admit it, many years - "Hook, line & sinker", Tristan Honsinger’s "Hopscotch", "Klub Demboh" , Sven Åke Johansonn’s "Stumps", just to name few of the most spectacularly famous. For the first time they will play as a quartet. Wood, brass, reeds, strings, bodies, a song or a yawn, a dance or a run... be there on June 15th!"

curated by Antonio Borghini & Joel Grip, curator team free music forum

link: Tobias Delius , Axel Dörner , Borghini & Grip, fmf curator team
event-link: free music forum
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