thu. may 25 2023

FMF: Trio Métamaât - Bazelaire / Romary / Albespy (FR)
free music forum concert series:

ca. 20h
Trio Métamaât:
Félicie Bazelaire - double bass
Aude Romary - cello
Magali Albespy - electronics

These three french artists find their singularity in their approach to sound and space. Indeed, Magali Albespy is a dancer and performer, she uses electronic devices. Aude Romary is a cellist player whose research focuses on the amplification and definition of sound. She also plays acoustically and proposes minimalist materials emerging beyond her cello. Félicie Bazelaire plays the double bass: she works on a language with the bow, with complex sounds that go towards the drone. These three worlds will come together to develop a common imagination. Composition, improvisation, performance of instruments and bodies are a possibility for this encounter.
Concert curated by Franz Hautzinger, curator team free music forum

link: Félicie Bazelaire , Aude Romary , Magali Albesby
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