sun. apr. 23 2023

Doubleconcert – Stéphane Clor / Werner Puntigam
On this evening, two musicians will musically explore and fathom the space of the Ruprechtskirche and make it tangible in many ways. A game with frequencies, resonances, transmutations and spatial perception. As a soloist and in an ensemble, the Logos is indulged in with a love of experimentation in his sound speech.

In his solo performances Werner Puntigam creates thrilling abstract and complex soundscapes with an extremely wide range of sounds and dynamics by exploring all known and unknown sound options on his trombone and conch shell in a pure acoustic way. An intimate, surprising and extraordinary soulful and sensual experience for the ears of attentive listeners to his “instrumental story-telling” in dialogue with the natural room acoustics of the Ruprechtskirche.

Stéphane Clor | Violoncello Piccolo

Werner Puntigam | Trombone and Conch shell

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