10 jahre bessere farben

mikroton recordings dec. 2009

Disc 1:

01. Alexandr Vatagin coop
02. skylla pink dwarf
03. Christof Kurzmann 180 Seconds Over Latin America
04. Ernst Reitermaier rustenfeld
05. Boris Hauf Hanging out in between
06. Swedish Azz just azz
07. Kazuhisa Uchihashi / Burkhard Stangl good things come to those who wait
08. eRikm botelo de klein
09. Gerald Roßbacher err
10. Toshimaru Nakamura nimb#46
11. K&K assembling the forgotten gate to hell at ibiza beach (postmortem happy end remix)
12. Regolith Moon Bombing
13. Tonic Train Trinity8
14. ctrl als wir die karotten schaelten, vergaßen wir den haferbrei
15. Kazuhisa Uchihashi 531
16. schnee schneeflocke
17. Jan Machacek / Anat Stainberg / Billy Roisz no story song
18. Susanna Gartmayer / Thomas Brghammer sehr sehr
19. The Magic I.D. our favourite thing
20. Pendler Oh No
21. bulbul + Boris Hauf Guten Abend
22. Nitro Mahalia Loss Noch Less
23. Siewert / dieb13 watch your jellyfish
24. Jez Riley bath oil salt glass

Disc 2:

01. David Schweighart i trash your fuck
02. Stefan Geissler sequenz 03
03. LSD orion
04. nifty’s hope bungalow
05. HOSE repentance
06. Klinger / Lewis / Nagl / Novotny kahüttenclipper
07. noid artina.hr_2008 july th_11:17pm to 11:22pm
08. Los Glissandinos pop
09. Matija Schellander dangerfield
10. noiset noiset no. 1
11. b:f:n tschifra
12. frufru aqualung
13. taus ping paung
14. cilantro haphazardous
15. Tronstoner The Sprawl Atavism
16. Clemens Hausch photobrom
17. Goh Lee Kwang (part 2, downsampled)
18. ennoson TIME COMPRESSION 2,58
19. Angélica Castelló San Antonio
20. dieb13 entirely unlike 2:20
20b. Duo Schamberg Enter Preis

produced by kurt liedwart
compiled by dieter kovacic, billy roisz and martin siewert
mastered by martin siewert
liner notes by burkhard stangl - translated by kimi lum and friederike kulcsar
booklet photos by dieter kovacic, david murobi and barbara wilding
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