Nerve Center by François Couture in All Music Guide
The title track is more impressive and disruptive. It opens on a loud outburst of sickening noise — it touches a nerve all right. Somewhere between Koji Asano's most hole-drilling works and Merzbow's digital phase, it packs a lot of non-linear action in its 13 minutes. But the highlight of the set is "Deep." A simple, slow electric bass guitar motif (real or sampled?) provides a dark atmosphere. You can hear the string flapping as each note fades. Goh gradually introduces digital noise, making it travel in the stereo field and color the landscape. Drums come in at midpoint, the lo-fi pounding suddenly evoking the Argentinean improv group Reynols. The process is reversed in the last minutes, coming back to that one bass riff: simple, effective, done with art.