wed. july 03 2024

SAKURA (Singer-Songwriter) Platzkonzerte WUK
Die WUK Platzkonzerte finden bei Schönwetter im WUK-Innenhof, bei Regen im WUK-Foyer bei freiem Eintritt statt.
START pünktl. 20.30
ENDE 21.30
skin’ is the liberation of vulnerability, the invincible euphoria of love, the bitterness of heartbreak and a fragile hope for new beginnings. With a slew of influences ranging from shoegaze, to lofi bedroom pop, indie and emo, sakura pieces together fragments of their identity to create a personal and cinematic coming of age story. japanese and chinese by blood, born and raised in hong kong, matured in london and currently based in vienna, austria, sakura has created a place for herself with a fiercely independent approach to life and music. self releasing a handful of singles over the years has led to international radio airplay, features in spotify editorial playlists, media support and supporting local and international artists all over Europe. ’skin’ is sakura’s debut body of work and a first step into their world.

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