tue. june 18 2024

CILANTRO (Electronic Instant Composition) Platzkonzerte WUK
AngélicaCastelló : Paetzold, tapes, electronics
Billy Roisz: bass, electronics, tuna box, tv’s, cacofonator

Angelica Castello, a musician from Mexico and Billy Roisz, a Vienna based artist, play improvised (or instant composed;) music as the duo Cilantro- Presenting a world full of enigmas, labyrinths, sometimes abrasive, sometimes ecstatic, a complex and delicate subjectivity. Cilantro's music deals with blurry edges of contradictory matters - between noise and silence, tenderness and rudeness, beat and drone, inner consciousness and outer awareness, control and freedom, structure and chaos, beauty and ugliness - a thrilling display of human and technological interplay.


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