fri. nov. 10 2023
alternativa festival
praha/Czech Republic

beatnik manifesto
a project/composition by dieter kovacic a.k.a. dieb13

erik carlsson & camille emaille (drums)
susanna gartmayer & hans koch (clarinets)
flo stoffner & sandy ewen (guitars)
matija schellander & elsa bergmann (bass)
anna högberg & Antoine Chessex (saxophone)
eRikm & billy roisz (electronics)
Karolina Preuschl (voice)
phil minton (playback voice)
noid (sound director)
dieb13 (composition, video, turntables)
beatnik manifesto
Turntablist and filmmaker Dieter Kovačič aka dieb13 will present a new composition for a custom ensemble. Kovačič has been active in the Viennese improvisation scene since the 1990s and, besides his own work in experimental electronic music and noise, has also founded the important website, which served (and to some extent still serves) as a platform and refuge for numerous Austrian improvisers and experimenters. At Alternativa, he will stage Beatnik Manifesto, a multimedia performance for a fourteen-piece band that brings together his collaborators from the past years and decades, all prominent personalities in their fields who will imprint their own voices on the staging. Moreover, Kovačič pays specific attention to double instrumentation, which will make the different expressions of individual performers stand out even more. Thematically, the piece is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Beat Generation. Just as the beatniks worked with jazz, photography and literature, dieb13 combines experimental music, video and texts. New meanings take shape during the concert, authorship is passed between composer and performers. Expect a fragmented but consistent musical language, aural and visual collages and a generally dense sound.

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