thu. apr. 06 2023

FMF: Trio John Butcher / dieb13 / Flo Stoffner (UK/AT/CH)
free music forum concert series:

ca. 20h
John Butcher - tenor, sopran saxophone
dieb13 - turntables
Florian Stoffner - guitar

This trio focuses on the moment of creation. With open ears, responsive spontaneity and a sensitive instinct, the three accomplices create an art somewhere between chamber music and tonal painting that breathes between compression and fraying.
They played together before - but never as a trio. Be invited to enjoy that special moment - free jazz & improvisation fused by three masters of individual developed sound techniques.
Concert curated by Franz Hautzinger, curator team free music forum

link: John Butcher , dieb13 , Florian Stoffner
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