tue. apr. 25 2023

moozak multichannel series #03 / Elak Concerts #07
19:00 SHARP
Free entry, donations welcome.

Patrick Kessler / Dieb13: Chuchchepati Orchestra & Makrograph (CH/AT)
+ Students of ELAK (Programme for Electroacoustic and Experimental Music of MDW)
Kristina Warren (US)
Daniel Lercher (AT)
Kindly supported by MA7 Wien Kultur.
In cooperation mit ELAK / MDW

Chuchchepati Orchestra - A sound system from Kathmandu
With his Chuchchepati Orchestra, the Appenzell-based double bass player, experimental musician and sound art mediator Patrick Kessler combines the two terms and brings them to life. «Chuchchepati» (pronounced: Chuchepati) means horizon in Nepali and is a district of Kathmandu. The name of the orchestra refers to the origin of the 32 large loudspeakers, which are part of the artistic event as a polyphonic sound installation.

The Chuchchepati Orchestra performs live music with a changing line-up; The permanent pool includes experimental and jazz musicians from Germany and abroad. The soundtrack is developed during performances in the collective. The open concert space is transformed into a laboratory-like "Chuchi" in which the sounds, noises and tones simmer, bubble, boil up and cool down and the interactions between the orchestra, loudspeaker installation and audience become a horizon-broadening listening and viewing experience.


Der Makrograph

Concert installation for 8 to 32 loudspeakers, large record player, vinyl and orchestra by dieb13 and Patrick Kessler (mechanical construction by Manuel Balzarek in the Kunstgiessere St. Gallen)

While a needle slides in the groove of a classic turntable and translates vibrations into audible tones, a laser beam scans the surface of the sound carrier in the macrograph. The digital data obtained form the starting material for the composition. The basic principle of the macrograph is the translation of form into music. For the composition process, this means that the "translation" of the data into music can be determined according to freely definable parameters and non-musical topologies can also be translated into interesting musical results.

The macrograph is designed as a long-term project: Different volumes will be published one after the other:

Volume II − Quick Response
With Volume II - "Quick Answer", the macrograph builds a bridge to the digital world. The surface structure of the vinyl disc represents a physical relief for scanning as a sound source and analog reproduction, and at the same time a graphic membrane for sound storage stored online. The door to sound is open, the path still needs to be walked.

Volume I − 400 micrograms
The reason for the concrete implementation is a composition commissioned by the Festival Neue Musik Rümlingen, which in 2021 will be dedicated to the work of the Swiss writer Robert Walser. The focus is on its micrograms. Walser recorded prose texts, poems and dramas in the micrograms in barely decipherable millimeter small writing and at the same time refused to publish them. For the commissioned composition «Volume 1 – Mikrogramm 400», Walser's Mikrogramm 400 is engraved in the original handwritten version in a spiral on an oversized vinyl disc. The data recorded by laser scanning of the macrograph form the basis for the composition. Because it is not the content but the external characteristics, even the texture of the original text, that is set to music, the mystery of the content is respected.

Walser's Microgram No. 400 includes a lengthy essay, a short play entitled "Die Europaerin" and two poems. Walser probably wrote it in September 1927 on a piece of paper measuring 17.5 x 8 cm.

A photograph of the text, kindly provided by the Robert Walser Archive in Bern, is used for the engraving on vinyl.

The macrograph is supported by: Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Kulturförderung Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Kanton St.Gallen Kulturförderung




Kristina Warren is a sound artist, composer, and improviser based on Wampanoag and Narragansett land also known as Providence, Rhode Island [US]. Warren uses a variety of analog, digital, received, and self-designed tools to create performances, installations, and recorded media, which feature various forms of perception and introspection. Called "precise and unpredictable" (Marc Masters, Bandcamp), work by Warren has been presented at venues including A4 [SK], echoraum [AT], Espacios Sonoros [AR], Experimental Sound Studio (US), iii [NL], IKLECTIK [UK], LTK4 [DE], MuseumsQuartier Wien [AT], Musik Akademie Basel [CH], and Radiophrenia [UK]. Recently Visiting Assistant Professor of Multimedia (Brown University, 2017-21), Warren holds a PhD in Composition & Computer Technologies (University of Virginia, 2017) and a BA in Music Composition (Duke University, 2011).

Program note:
Half slow and half fast, “New Suns” consists wholly of recordings from an ARP 2500 analog synthesizer. As it refracts among various meditative or energizing tones, “New Suns” imagines alternative forms of communication and tradition, which are at once electrified and intuitive. It concludes with a bittersweet butterfly ecstasy, something like the warm and pleasant light of an un/familiar star.




Daniel Lercher plays a multi-channel laptop live set with generative sound material using the software max. applied practices of temporary escape from the world by means of sound intervention. the ritual influence on supposedly familiar patterns of perception through targeted, frequented vibration treatment.

Lercher was born in Judenburg in 1983 and now lives in Vienna as a musician, composer and sound artist. Between 2004 and 2007 he completed the course for computer music and electronic media at the Institute for Composition and Electroacoustics. Since 2008 he has been working in the fields of electroacoustic composition/improvisation, live electronics, phonography, multimedia installations, radio art, music for dance and film. The list of his activities includes more than 300 concerts, installations and residencies on four continents. He collaborates with numerous domestic and foreign musicians and artists of various genres. So far more than 20 recordings have been released with his collaboration or with him as a solo artist.



MOOZAK (* 2007) is a label und platform für experimental music und sound art.

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